What is the goal of the 'Holy Doctor' Mission?

The 'Holy Doctor' Mission wishes to come to the help of all who are discouraged, those who feel like everything is over and that they don't have any possibility of resolving their problems. The real or imaginary problems many times go over our strength and we arrive to points when we think that everything is in vain. Therefore, we intended to create a community that would help this kind of people through fast and prayer. Toward this goal we will organize prayers individually or during some special prayer meetings.

We wish that the 'Holy Doctor' Mission would become a symbol of a Holy Hospital.

There is a saying among us which says that the most precious thing in a person's life is health. That's true. It's not enough to have money, reputation and respect from others if you don't have physical and spiritual health. As humans, when we are sick, we look for any kind of remedy. We start with doctors, the most know if possible, and end with bioenergeticians. We use all kinds of medicine, miracle-drugs if possible, and if they don't work, we call on the wide variety of naturist therapies, one more promising than another. However, we forget that there exists a Holy Doctor who knows the ways of healing any illness and has efficient methods against any life issue. He is and will forever be our supreme Savior, Jesus Christ who has all power over our bodies and souls.

We can't afford to disregard the role of medicine in curing our diseases, but we think that much more is needed. The important part in a healing is God. If he has mercy, there will be health and life, if not, no. That's why we also emphasize that we don't guarantee healing to anybody, but we will fulfill what the Scripture says, 'weep with those who weep' (Rom. 12:15).

Towards this goal, we intend to organize regular prayer meetings in every country where we will find collaborators, preferable Saturday, to pray with the sick and those who are suffering. We will ask for the presence of the Holy Spirit among us and He personally will take care of every patient. We believe that God can heal any spiritual or physical sickness (Isaiah 53:4-5).

At the same time, we intend to use the Internet as a way of organizing some virtual prayer groups, one group in every country, which will include people of prayer, eager to serve and be near at the hand of those who have problems.

The basic principles of the 'Holy Doctor' Mission have the Word of God, the Bible as base, which we consider our best Guide for life. We will never promote any religious denomination, but we declare ourselves Christians. We will never function as a congregation, but we will work with all the churches that will show interest for our activity. We will never promote names of people, but we will give all the glory to our Lord Jesus Christ, the only Holy Doctor, about whom we have heard has mercy on ALL peoples, if one will seek Him from all his heart. Anyone that is interested to get involved in this mission can participate in our real and virtual meetings. The Bible teaches us to pray for all peoples (1 Tim. 2:1). We have the fervent desire that our meetings would be known as a Bethesda, that is the place where Jesus descends to comfort and heal people. That is why, our only medicine that we will administer is the Word of God, fasting and prayer. We do not grant financial or material help.

The Holy Doctor Mission will function both locally and internationally, depending on possibilities. In case an association is desired, please don't hesitate to contact us. Financial support will be realized through donations by anybody that has it on his heart to do this and through activities that are closely related to our sphere of action.

If doctors don't give you any chance and if you feel that there's no hope for healing, request NOW! Post your wish here and somebody will pray for you! Or visit us at one of our meetings. Our service is absolutely free. We're waiting for you!